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If you have been referred to a prosthodontist, you may have a dental issue that requires more than a routine dental visit. Your prosthodontist will examine your dental condition and make recommendations as to how to go about restoring your dentition.

Dentists who train as Prosthodontists offer advanced diagnosis, and treatment options for people with a wide range of dental and facial problems resulting from tooth loss, or damage to the structure or appearance of teeth. They have through their rigorous university based training programs developed the extra knowledge and acquired the skills and competencies to perform the full range of restorative and reconstructive dental procedures.

Thanks to significant advances in dental science and technology in the last number of years a Prosthodontist can offer a wide range of solutions to dental problems. These can range from treatment of single teeth to the complex management of multiple teeth treatment requirements. When it comes to having comfortable well functioning and pleasing teeth, Prosthodontists have acquired the specific skill sets to address conditions, which negatively affect the mouth and face and also a person’s smile.

What Problems does a Prosthodontist Treat?
Dental problems can be caused by diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease, or can be the result of significant tooth wear from grinding or tooth erosion. Teeth can also be absent or misshapen due to hereditary and developmental problems or as a result of damage to the teeth and face resulting from accidents or cancer surgery. All of these conditions in different degrees can lead to significant dental treatment requirements for an individual to restore appearance, chewing and speech.

Prosthodontists have expertise in diagnosing problems and in sequencing and managing restorative dental care for a wide range of diverse requirements. Typical treatment approaches can include for example the provision of single or multiple crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures and other restorative services in the restoration and rehabilitation of damaged mouths.

How does a Prosthodontist operate?
Prosthodontic services begin with detailed dental diagnostics, assessment and reporting of individual requirements. This would be followed by a discussion of the findings and the recommendation of appropriate.



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