Sex using mirror

Perhaps the best part of mirrors on the ceiling? And when she's on top, you can finally watch yourself spank her if you're into that. Full time weirdo and wanderlust traveler. It's a great option for mirror sex; these are often cheap, easy to install in your room and won't arouse any suspicion. Use your fingers to rub the outer lips and tease her a little bit. When she's virtually naked, begin fondling her breasts gently and make sure she can read the excitement and pleasure in your face.

Sex using mirror

The links are independently placed by our Commerce team and do not influence editorial content. You get to see the physical manifestation of your own pleasure from a third-person perspective. That being said, if your partner's really not into it, don't push the idea. The great thing about a ceiling mirror is that you get to see yourselves from angles you were never able to beforehand. And if you're into that, then by all means, go for it. Plus, they'll help you look great when going out. In that case, sex with mirrors can be very enticing, so here are four ways you can add mirrors to the mix. Yep, a mirror can be used by both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. To find out more, please read our complete terms of use. Use your fingers to rub the outer lips and tease her a little bit. I hope to empower women to embrace their sex lives and live adventurously! Then, when she's ready, you can bend her over slightly and penetrate her from behind, all the while maintaining eye contact in the mirror. Just keep in mind that a ceiling mirror works best with positions where one of you is lying on your back, or on your side. While she's standing in front of the mirror, stand behind her and begin undressing her. This scenario can be very tantalizing. Thanks for joining Tease! When you watch yourself have sex, you get to simultaneously be a voyeur and an exhibitionist. However, you might want to test it out beforehand to make sure it's at an angle where you can both see yourselves in it from the bed. Keep exploring her clitoris and vulva with your fingers. It's not a great option for doggy style positions, for instance. When you're done making love, you can just lie there staring at each other naked in the mirror and talk about how great the experience was. Perhaps the best part of mirrors on the ceiling? When you're making love with your partner, look over at the mirror. This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss. They're in every clothing store, public bathroom and carnival fun house in the world — and couples around the world have been using them as a sex toy for ages. She will definitely follow suit to see what you're looking at and when she does, you can say something like, "I love watching us together.

Sex using mirror

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  1. Some people also like to have a memory of the moment, go back to watch themselves have sex, or even go back to perfect their technique!

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