Xena warrior princess sex scenes

They have two sons: Gabrielle bucked, pressing up to Xena. Warrior Princess, like its parent programme, was a huge hit and achieved high ratings and cultural significance, lasting six seasons. Her only emotion seemed to be the insatiable and inexplicable sexual attraction to sadistic and conniving men, such as Ares and Antony. If two women showing their love for one another and making wild, passionate love is not your cup of tea, please find another story you'd like to read. It felt like Xena was going to split her apart, but she loved it. She wanted Xena more than anything, and with all her heart, she wanted to become Xena's.

Xena warrior princess sex scenes

He was also the stool pigeon for the Olympian gods, so that they could easily find Xena and Eve to kill them. Livia's intense jealousy towards Xena revealed her relationship with Ares to Augustus. These words became a recurring theme in the latter part of Season Five. Victory for the remaining Olympian gods was virtually assured as Athena was about to kill Xena. Lucy was encouraged to pursue a career in singing after being a contestant on Celebrity Duets , which she finished as runner-up to Alfonso Ribeiro. Is that what you want? Xena's fingertips pressed downward, sliding easily into the tight crevice which lead to Gabrielle's innocence. Her tongue danced on Gabrielle's clit as she held her fingers carefully inside, starting to stretch the tender flesh, feeling that taut little barrier guarding the inner feminity of Gabrielle's body. Now the moment was at hand, and Xena's need was almost wild. Gabrielle pouted a little, then curled up with her beautiful naked warrior, falling promply and deeply asleep. Hope this section was worth the wait! Ares had been wounded and was being tended to by Xena, who treated him by giving him a massage on his bare shoulders. I am going to die if you don't take me I could feel your pain. After four years of watching Xena repeatedly refuse Ares' "charms", this scene comes as quite a shock. Gabrielle caressed Xena's hair, holding her against her breast as though to never let her go. The bard wouldn't close them now. Xena's skillful tongue twirled around the little clit, making it stand up and causing Gabrielle to twist and cry out Xena's name in ecstasy. Since Xena was heavily pregnant in this episode, any sexual connotations between Xena and Ares were carefully avoided. Warrior Princess, like its parent programme, was a huge hit and achieved high ratings and cultural significance, lasting six seasons. Xena would never again be vulnerable to the sexual advances of Ares, since she supposedly now knows herself. Finally then, Xena drew a taut nipple into her mouth, brushing her tongue slowly and sensuously against the little peak. Or perhaps the character change itself was a calculated move, a result of brain damage from Xena hanging dead on a cross for several days, then having a very important part of her personality, her dark side, erased by an ethereal being. Lawless has described her family as "this big, sprawling Irish-Catholic family", [2] and while filming in Ireland for the Discovery Channel in , she told Ireland on Sunday that her father's family originated in Quilty, County Clare , and her great-grandfather arrived in New Zealand as a convict. It seemed that Xena had reverted back to her old dark days when she used sex as a tool for treachery, this being the first time since her change from evil to "good", that she used that particular tactic. Of course there was no sexual connotation here, since that would have been flirting with incest. To differentiate between Xena and the similar Lysia, Lawless' hair, previously an ash blonde, was dyed black.

Xena warrior princess sex scenes

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  1. He made a pass at Xena and then proceeded to describe the delightful sex that he had shared with Callisto in Xena's body. Xena quirked an eyebrow, looking at it, then glancing up at Gabrielle.

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